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Hatfield Oak Savings & Loan starts its operations. We wish all current clients of Hatfield Oak International welcome, and look forward to serve you in the years to come.



Project Funding


Hatfield Oak International Savings and Loan provides our clients with Special Project Funding Program for Qualified International Project owners who are having difficulties in obtaining conventional construction and development funding from traditional local Banks and Financial Institutions.


Program Highlights


Large Scale Funding

   - Small    15M - 50M USD

   - Medium 50M - 100M USD

   - Large    above 100M USD


Easy Qualification method


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What can we do for you ... ?

Banking Services

Current and Savings Accounts
Currency Exchange
Efficient Payment Solutions
Debit/Credit Cards
High Yield Investments
Financial Management
International Project Funding
  ... and more

Knowledge is the key to success thus making proper education an important part of your total financial solution.

Correct and accurate advice is vital to creating a viable international structure. Listen to experience, and learn from our years of experience working in the international arena.
Getting Started
To become a client, please go to the website of Hatfield Oak International. They are in charge of our day-to-day operations, and may provide you with a suitable Agent.
As soon as you have completed the Application process, and been identified and approved, you will become a client with us, and may use our excellent services.
Clients with a minimum of EUR 1,500,000 (or equivalent in other currencies) capital may choose to become members of the Hatfield Oak International Private Wealth Society. If you would like to learn more about this option, please contact us.
Our Products

Our products have been carefully chosen to provide our clients with

the most flexible and proven international financial tools available on the market today.

Our Services

We provide many of our client services ourselves.

We also use several quality assured external providers. (See Partners)

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